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Ft. Lauderdale may be one of the most storied vacation destinations in the country and home to people from all around the world--but if you know where to look, you can still experience the old Florida charm that helps distinguish our community from other places along Florida's Atlantic coastline.

We like to believe My Market is one of those rare community gathering points that celebrate Ft. Lauderdale's authentic "Local Flavor."

We're homegrown. In the 1960s we were both born a block east of My Market at what was then called Broward General Hospital. We met at the old Broward Community College in the 1980s, fell in love, and married. And in 1991, Todd's Grandma Irene allowed us to lease her building on 17th Street and launch My Market. With our eight month old daughter Paige in tow, Todd handled the buying and the cash register. Sherry worked the deli and began creating her one-of-a-kind sauces, salads, and scrumptious sides that compliment the deli's reliably fresh subs and sandwiches.

We made everything the way we like it--ready for the boat, tasty around the pool deck, and filling and familiar for hurried lunch hours.

Sure, pre-cut meats would have been easier, and there were countless ready-made salads and fixings that were easy enough to pass along, but we didn't want to be a regular convenience store. We wanted to be the kind of place we ourselves would frequent and would want to recommend to our friends.

Two grown children and two and a half decades later, our beloved family business has not only sustained us, it has also allowed us to make countless friends, employ incredibly funny and dear characters, and sponsor many a community event, sports team, and charitable cause. That is more than enough to make us grateful, and it gives us a special sense of pride that there are just as many tradesman's trucks and company cars in our parking lot as there are pricey professional vehicles.

The common denominator among our customers is an appetite for really good, fresh food--seasoned with an appreciation for the exceptional lifestyle we are all lucky enough to have in common.

We both grew up seeing our world through Jalousie windows. We know how to handle the heat, and we know where to cool off on the New River and in the Atlantic. We are grateful to the millions of tourists who teach us new ways to appreciate our sparkling locale, and we relish our multi-generational old Florida family and friends who continue to give our community its enchanting sense of place.

That's what we hope you taste every time you visit us!

~Todd and Sherry Schofield


My Market, [date?]. After it had served as the "Super Market" for Croissant Park, the Schofield family bought the property in [date].


Todd Schofield, 1985. Todd got his first boat when he was # years old and it was ticket to freedom. He may not have been able to drive a car, but this river rat could get anywhere he needed to be.


Sherry Hill Schofield, 1976. Sherry grew up in Davie--duck hunting on Lake Okeechobee with her dad and riding her horse Danny. In those days, I-595 did not exist and you only went into "town" to go to the beach or for special shopping trips.


The whole family--Todd, Paige, Hunter and Sherry the night of Paige’s Prom in 2008.



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